Joyce Treasure is a mixed media artist that works in layers and body forms to slice cultural and iconic imagery together using collage, print and acrylic. Treasure is interested in exploring new narratives regarding identity and social settings on a contemporary landscape, making enquiries into our visual historic backdrops; the examined and unexamined, the seen and the unseen. She tries to increase the spirit between author and audience by investigating the duality that develops through different interpretations. Her work uses symbols of power, travel and finance to represent hierarchy, imperialism and colonialism, sometimes by appropriating images of the queen. Within this she also looks at how this affects her own identity as a mixed race woman in a patriarchic setting. 

Joyce recently travelled through parts of the middle passage: Jamaica. Haiti, New York, Senegal, Gambia, Ghana and Nigeria to further develop her artwork and as a prerequisite to her undergraduate course in Black Studies at Birmingham City University. Some of the countries she visited were also chosen to subjectively explore places that related to her DNA.