Litany For Those At Sea

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Joyce Treasure on her painting "Litany For Those At Sea”: "... it pays homage to the Idia mask from the Benin Empire. The object was looted during the Benin Expedition when Britain raided Benin and took fine artefacts that can now be found in the British Museum and around the world. These objects were exquisitely crafted. The Europeans at that time thought that the artworks were so beautifully crafted that they didn’t believe that the objects could have been made by the Edo people and that they must have been made by Europeans. The juxtaposition between the background, made up of pages taken from The Common Prayer Book, and the mask is to acknowledge the union of two cultures and the title is to recognise those that suffered and lost their lives during the Transatlantic Slave Trade."

Pages from The Common Prayer book, acrylic, ink, postage stamps on 12mm plywood.

Image size 46inch x48inch

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Image of Litany For Those At Sea Image of Litany For Those At Sea